Setting Up Your Studio Apartment

Setting Up Your Studio Apartment

Decorating a single room apartment seems one of the easiest things to some. Many apartments for rent in San Antonio offer a one room apartment usually known as a ‘Studio.’ Setting up your studio is like 1, 2, 3 and you’re all done. But if you want to make it look beautiful and impressive then you have to arrange things wisely. Most people would leave things the way they are and use the studio as a storeroom that makes it look just a space piled up with furniture and cartons ready to move.


In a studio, you need to arrange things very systematically if you don’t want to appear careless to your fellows and relatives. This means you can’t leave things randomly on the floor just because you don’t have another room to move them away. You need to utilize the complete space from door to every inch of each wall. Start with arranging big things and then narrow down you’re setting up a process.


If you’re living alone, then do not buy the size double bed for you as this carries much space and creates trouble for other articles of furniture. Try buying a slim bed or just use mattress on the floor. This way, you won’t be having less space as you can easily remove the mattress and then again use it in the night time. Instead of putting the bed in a corner, use the center space facing the door or kitchen or window as well. This way, you’ll have space on both of your side that will let you make the room look wider by having furniture on both sides.


Like the bed, try having the small chair instead of a big couch or sofa that takes too much space and gives you too less room to put more furniture. If you don’t have many visitors and rarely invite people over then having an easy chair by your bed or near the bookshelf is enough. You may set the cupboard in front of your bed beside the door. Whatever your approach is you need to use the furniture to divide each section so that anyone can tell what section is for what reason.


Try having shelves behind the island kitchen so you can easily manage kitchen utensils without running out of space. Instead of using the conventional approach for shelves, try adding some style and instead of putting groceries on it, try stylizing the whole shelf with grocery. This will make the kitchen section one interesting place to look at in your whole studio.


To handle piles of clothes and unwanted stuff present in your apartment, you need to use the bucket to contain all these things in one place. This will save you from things spread all over the place and embarrassing you in front of an unexpected guest knocking your door. And as far as it is concerned with other articles like shoes, newsletters or any other stuff, you may use stands near the door. This will save you from wasting time finding them when needed.

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