Georgia Has Many Great Hiking Trails To Enjoy

Georgia Has Many Great Hiking Trails To Enjoy

One common factor that nearly everyone will agree on is that we all need to exercise more. There are hundreds of different ways to get more activities into your life but most of them involve willpower and discipline to get up and get going. However, there are some types of exercise that are not only good for you but are fun enough that you’ll do them any chance you get. One of those is hiking in the mountains, along rivers, and deep into the forest. Nature has a way of calming and soothing tense nerves which can lower blood pressure, reduce heart attacks, and eliminate anxiety. Add to that the great exercise you get and you’re in bonus territory. In the great state of Georgia, there are many fantastic hiking trails to explore.

The Blue Ridge Area Of Georgia Has Many Trails

Of course, a lot of people have heard of the Appalachian Trail that extends 2,000 miles through several states and is well-known and popular too. There are also lots of other trails like the Blue Ridge trail, the Benton MacKaye Trail, and the Long Creek Falls Trail. These are all about an hour and a half north of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Three Forks trail that gets you to the Long Creek falls is absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves have begun to turn colors. It’s about 5 miles into the forest along Noontootia Creek to get to the Long Creek extension that will take you to the waterfall loop trail. That trail is about a 2-mile loop that will bring you to a 50 ft. high waterfall that makes a great stop off point to eat your lunch and take a rest.


If you take the Benton MacKaye Trail to the Fall Branch Waterfall you can enjoy that loop in about 30 to 40 minutes so that’s an easy hike for most beginners, kids, and elderly people as well. There are plenty of natural rhododendrons growing along the trail and if you time your visit in the spring and early summer you’ll be treated with millions of blossoms spread throughout the forest. Bring a camera or you’ll be sorry since this is breathtaking at the right time of year.

There are thousands of great trail all throughout Georgia but some of the best are connected to the Appalachian trail and many of its offshoots. You can find others online the do regular hikes every weekend just by doing a quick Google search. Make sure you go with a group of like-minded hikers that stop for the same natural wonders that you do and walk at about the same pace as well.

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